Do you have a job?

That's fine! Come to DWA to learn about information security and cybersecurity, data science, forensics, etc. Or, come for the refresher course if you are already an expert: technology is evolving, cybersecurity threats are multiplying, data poses more and more challenges, etc. DWA gives you the opportunity to obtain state-of-the-art professional qualifications. Find out about our training offer

You don't have a job...

Don't worry... In 6 or 12 months, we can make you a specialist in one of our areas of intervention. Check out our qualification training for deep learning. Accompany this with our certifying training to be recognized even internationally.

For personal growth...

Are you crazy about technology? Don't you want to miss the latest news related to cybersecurity, data science, digital investigation (Forensics), etc. ? You are most welcome to DWA! Here you will be offered a personalized education and awareness environment. Cyber ​​attacks will not pass through you and you will remain a strongest link in information security and the fight against cybercrime. We will soon be making our education and awareness program available to you.